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 The International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) is the world’s original and largest international auditor certification body

Become an auditor

IRCA certificated auditors are the leaders in management systems auditing. Registering with IRCA shows to employers that you have both the technical and practical skills to audit systems effectively.

Why should I become an IRCA certificated auditor?

IRCA auditor certification demonstrates your commitment to the profession through:

1) Your demonstration of required knowledge and skills, gained through work experience, training and audit experience to:

  • Plan and organise an audit of a management system (MS)
  • Identify, understand and audit relevant business processes
  • Sample and evaluate audit evidence, and determine the effectiveness of a management system
  • Report audit findings and conclusions accurately
  • Communicate clearly, both orally and in writing, with personnel at all levels of an organisation
  • Plan, organise and lead the audit team, and manage the audit process

2) Your adherence to principles of proper ethical conduct, fair presentation and due professional care, as articulated in the IRCA Code of Conduct

3) Your commitment to continuing professional development (CPD)

4) Your commitment to provide value to:

  • The users and stakeholders who rely on management systems audits to establish if the organisation’s management system can consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements
  • The auditee by providing management with information regarding the organisation’s ability to meet its management system-related business objectives; identifying problems that may prevent the client from meeting its management system-related business objectives; and identifying meaningful opportunities for improvement, as well as those areas of risk that are not yet identified or managed

Other benefits

When you achieve IRCA auditor certification, you join over 10,000 management systems auditors in over 120 countries who share your professionalism and commitment and benefit from:

  • A globally recognised qualification, valued and often required by employers and clients
  • Entry on to our publically available online register of auditors, which is used by employers globally
  • Your individual certification card, to demonstrate your certification to clients and employers
  • Your auditor certification logo, for you to use on your stationery and document.
  • The IRCA system of continuing professional development, to support your career progression through always being able to demonstrate a currency of skills and knowledge.



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