Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services
Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services is committed to providing world class governed and accountable ambulance services by implementing all relevant legislations, laws, regulations, researching and benchmarking against international evidenced based on best practices in medical and emergency pre-hospital care.
DCAS is keen to secure skills, knowledge and resources through building up technical national staff and leaders equipping them with specialist’s skills and encouraging their self-development.
Communirty Awareness Section provides awareness program to all individuals and segments of UAE’s community. The section serves to educate about different type of common health related issues through various awareness programs.
The section has been established in Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services under the decision of the CEO adoption No. 2 of the year 2012. In accordance to the detailed organizational structure of the institution, the following task has been assigned:
Organizing training courses, workshops and various activities that will educate the public in first aid topics.
Preparation of plans and training programs appropriate for different members of the community.
Participate in various activities and events that deal with health occupational safety in general and in particular to first aid topics.
Establishing awareness campaigns related to ambulance and first aid training.
It has accreditations from various respectable ambulance training providers as Highfield, First Aid International and American Heart Association. DCAS provides different training courses according to the accredited curriculums from these institutions, in addition to the DCAS curriculum. 1) Training Courses in Highfield Curriculum, 2) Training Courses in First Aid  International Curriculum, 3) Training Courses in American Heart Curriculum.
Advanced Career Excellence Training and Consulting is a DCAS approved First Aid Training provider.


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